Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

I really didn't want this blog to turn into a pregnancy blog. So I'll try and keep the preggo/belly updates to a minimum. But before I do that, here are my belly shots for 16 weeks.

2 seconds after this picture, Caitlyn put a necklace on my head. I purposely put on the jeans I wore in my last set of pictures in order to see my belly better.

after I changed back into my maternity jeans, which are still big but I'm wearing them today to be comfy. Here's a *gasp* bare belly picture. brace yourselves.


I feel so huge at 16 weeks, I don't remember being this big so soon with my last two. Trust me I know I'm not huge but it's still strange for me.

Ok now on to more interesting topics. I'm finally getting back into our routine after a nice long holiday break. PWOC started back up, which will keep me busy, playdates started back up, and yup it's time to spring soccer signups! Brogan's very excited to go back to his team although we are bummed he won't be able to finish out the season due to us moving. I do promise to take more pictures and do more blogs of his soccer this time.

Today is Friday so that means...Family night! The most treasured night for our family since time with Kell is precious. He has a half day today so we plan on soaking him up as much as we can.

I've also started a decluttering process of my home. Since we're moving in April, I'm on a time crunch cause I don't like to rush. So every weekend I work on decluttering one room. I will post before and after photos as I go along. I did however forget to take pictures from last weekend's success. Sorry!

Oh and I will report back on that dreamsicle cake! Have a great weekend!


Jess said...

Your belly is so cute! I actually think with the third things do happen alot quicker. Well at least they did for me! Congrats again momma:)

Roxanne said...

You're SOOOO cute! And I love that pink tee!

simplesophistication87 said...

awwww you look so cute!

Jennifer said...

Could you be any cuter??

Estes Photography said... did I not know you are pregnant!!! I am so sorry but am so happy for you!!!!!! We are only a few weeks apart. When are you due???? You look great!! I haven't had enough nerve to take my picture and I think I am showing more then you!! Congrats!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks girls!

Lesley ~ girl don't feel bad! I didn't really make a huge public announcement anywhere. And I'm definitely much bigger now then those pictures haha. I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow. Due date is July 4th. :) I just saw on JS that you've had bad M/S. so sorry girl, I hope you start to feel better soon!

MrsKBJ said...

You look so cute!! Congradulations!! Are you going to find out the sex? I am goig to guess girl! :O)

Amber said...

cute!! I want an update!

Jessilala said...

Your belly is adorable!!