Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday I took Miss Caitlyn to a beautiful park to collect some leaves. We needed some fresh air. Today we decided to make something with the leaves.

Leaf Suncatcher

You need:
Wax Paper
Fall Leaves
Crayon Shavings
Adult with Iron

Cover work surface with newspapers. Sprinkle a small amount of crayon shavings on a piece of wax paper. Arrange leaves on top. Sprinkle more crayon shavings and cover with another piece of wax paper.
Place a piece of newspaper on top and iron with a warm iron until crayon shavings melt. Trim and hang in the window.


I think we added too much crayon shavings but it still turned out nice, and Caitlyn enjoyed doing it.







I truly love Fall! If only Texas would cool down and allow me to enjoy my most favorite season. Anyone else doing any fun fall crafts??

Sunday, September 28, 2008

chai love

I had the best chocolate yesterday. I'm attracted to packaging. I saw this packaging and was instantly drawn to it. After seeing that it was Organic and Fair Trade and made with real chai, I HAD to have it. Delish. Yes I realize that plenty of other people probably already know all about Theo chocolate but I'm raving about them anyway. hehe :)
They also had Hazelnut crunch (made with crushed hazelnuts), Coconut curry, and Bread (made with french bread and butter)..and some other yumminess. I must go back and buy more, the Chai would be perfect melted and added into truffles, or mix with cream and fruit dipped into it, etc. Think of all the possibilities. It's perfectly spicy to add the perfect amount of flavor to any dessert.

This reminds me that I need to go back to World Market because I need to buy this delish Chocolate Chai Tea that they have on sale this week. I had company this week so I've been slacking on things around here. I need to do some baking this week so I'll be reporting back with some more yumminess.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cake and soccer

Goodness things have been busy around here. I thought I'd finally post pictures of the cake from Saturday. My neighbor wanted the sesame street cake I had previously done so it will look familiar. I did try and change up the colors and the borders a bit. Plus it's smaller.

Now on to the soccer part. Yesterday was Brogan's first practice. He had so much fun and Caitlyn and I really enjoyed watching him. I did however forget to bring chairs. So Caitlyn and I sat on the ground the entire hour. Needless to say, I got bit by a lot of fire ants. Not cool.
Here's a few pictures from the practice.
It's in!!

I took videos of the practice for K to see since he had to study...stupid pa school. haha But for some reason I can't get videos to post on here. Will have to figure out at a later date.

Alright ladies, I'm off to finish readng my chapter for PWOC tomorrow.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Melt in your mouth, not in your hand

I'm making a birthday cake for my neighbor's daughter who's turning 1. She's doing a sesame street theme so I will be making my sesame street cake again, will be posting about that tomorrow. She also wanted half chocolate and half white. I had batter leftover. And what do you do when you have batter left over. Well you make cupcakes of course! Again I am out of cupcake liners, I keep forgetting to buy some. Sometimes cupcakes are better without icing.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

chop chop

I needed a change in my life. So I decided to get rid of my highlights, went back to all brown, and then last night I chopped my hair off again. At first I hated it, but after playing with it a bit, I realized I think I actually like it. :) I feel sassy.

I looked awful due to me crying for an hour over my hair haha so this is all you get for a picture.

Yesterday was a semi rough day but thankfully it was a gorgeous day. I love when there are little cotton puff clouds throughout a perfectly beautiful blue sky. I took a moment to enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

no bumper stickers allowed

(photo taken from random search on photobucket..it's not mine)

It's official....I'm a Soccer mom now. I registered Brogan this evening. The season starts on the 15th. Lots of pictures to follow I'm sure. I will admit I have a mini mini van. It's half van. Half car. Don't believe me? Look up Mazda 5 and you'll see....but no worries...there will be NO soccer bumper stickers on my car. I'm not that kind of soccer mom. :P

Monday, September 1, 2008


I have a new addiction. Klobasnek. Well that's the official term, but here in Central Texas they are mistakenly reffered to as Kolaches. They are everywhere here. Kell and I decided to get brave and try them. Yummmoo.