Sunday, March 1, 2009


So many people are asking for updates. I'm assuming on the belly but I'm going to update all around. :)

Our movers will be here in 4 1/2 weeks. Ahh! I have so much to do before that happens. Once our stuff is gone we'll be staying in an extended stay hotel for 2 weeks. Hubby graduates April 17th and we say goodbye to Texas the next day. I can't believe how time has been flying. I'm excited to be near family again but so sad to leave my friends here. I am looking forward to being able to spend time with my husband again. :)

We have been going to church together as a family on Sundays and it's been wonderful. After church today the kids and I had fun doing things around the house while Kell went to the library to study.

Oh and what I'm sure most people want...22 week belly picture! Yes it's 22 weeks already! ahh.... Oh we do know what we are having, but we are keeping it a secret from family so I won't be posting it on my blog, but contact me if you want to know. :)
I think the shirt makes me look bigger lol. So here's a bare belly shot.

I want to share a couple of pictures. We have this weird bush/tree thing in our front yard that has these weird nut looking things hanging from it almost year round. Well once a year only for a week, the tree/bush blooms. And it's gorgeous! It has a strong very sweet smell that comes from it. While in bloom it is covered in butterflies, bees and ladybugs. I love it.


Roxanne said...

Are those your sweet khakis? You look sooo cute! Love it!

Jessica said...

lol no those pants aren't maternity, you can't tell in the picture but the top button is undone due to belly lol.

Martha (aka Yvette) said...

Hi Jess it's Martha from HHWC...your kids are adorable and you look to dang cute preggers. Have a great day!!!

Amber said...

you look great!! Glad everything is going well.

Kelsey said...

beautiful kiddos!!

MrsKBJ said...

You look so cute!!! Your kids are adorable!