Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In with the new

As you can see by the lack of posts, I've been busy. We've been doing a ton of painting around the house as well as other things. Some things still need to get done. But I wanted to share a sneak peak of the room I'm most proud of so far.

Formal {and I say that loosely} Living Room before:

Hello yucky country! {sorry it's a little blurry}


{In case the color looks funny in the picture ~ the walls are a light grey}

It's still not complete. I have some things to hang on the walls, picture frames to be changed out, fireplace face to be changed out {bye bye gold} and I'm not sold on the placement of items on the built-ins yet. I literally just threw it all on there to take the picture. Sorry for the crappy camera phone pictures. When all is done I will share "real" pictures. I promise. For now these will have to do. I hope you love it as much as we do so far!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Adapt and Adjust

After 4 military moves {from Kentucky to New York to Texas, back to Kentucky, back to New York} I'm starting to realize that one of the hardest parts of moving to a new state is grocery shopping. Sure leaving your friends or family and starting all over can be a challenge. But IMO grocery shopping in a new store is harder. Especially since each place is known for different types of food. Here in New York it's all about Italian. Love it! I don't love it however when I'm looking for say Mexican food in the "international" aisle. I'm sorry but Ole El Paso doesn't compare to the authentic Mexican products that I could find in grocery stores in Texas.

It's not just the different products that make grocery shopping in a new place different. It's learning the layout of the store. Walking around endlessly trying not to look like a total idiot while trying to find the ketchup. Sure we lived here before but last time I only shopped at the commissary because we lived on post. Now that we live in town I get to shop at a new store. One that was a rare treat the last time we lived here.

I did my second grocery shopping trip this morning since moving here. I must say it was still overwhelming. Although not nearly as bad as my first. I cried. Seriously. Who does that?!? Well besides me. Really though I was so overwhelmed and lost. It had hit me right in the middle of the store that I wasn't in Kansas Kentucky anymore.