Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'm still on a high from my retreat so instead of So What Wednesday I decided to do Wordless Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO What! if...

I put on sweats in the middle of the day just because I can.

I've completely slacked on house work this week. I spent the week focusing on having lots of fun with my kids instead.

I bought a ton of sweet baked goods at the farmers market even though I'm trying to lose weight. I did buy spinach, does that make you happy?

I enjoy looking at the eye candy at the gym. I'm sexually deprived for your freedom, I can look. Get over it.

I have given my kids more hotdogs since the Mister left than I think I have their entire life. They don't complain, why should anyone else?

What are you saying "SO WHAT!" to?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Deployment Check-in

At the beginning of the year instead of New Year Resolutions I posted Deployment Goals. We are now almost 3 months into the deployment and I thought it was time to check in to see how I'm doing on these goals.

Let's take a look....

** Focus on and survive my first year of school. ~~~~ I did great on my first 2 8 week blocks and I'm now enjoying summer break. Love it so far.

** Finally get around to decorating my house after 6 months of living here. ~~~~ I'm actually making progress with this one! I've redone my bathroom, finally added pictures to the walls in 2 rooms, and my mantle finally looks finished! I still have more to do but I'm doing it.

** Paint kitchen cabinets and walls finally! ~~~~ Yeah I haven't done this one yet. Sorry. If anyone in the area wants to come help that would be fantastic!

** Become a real runner again. ~~~~ I finally started running....2 days ago...hey at least I started. This week I'm registering for the Lake Placid Turkey Trot (5K)so I will be forced to train. Go me!

** Grow closer to God. ~~~~ I realize this one is a personal one but yes I'm learning to draw closer to God during all of this.

** Strengthen my friendship and marriage with my husband. ~~~~ Hmm well this one I'm not sure about yet. We rarely get to talk because the phones are always down. But when we do talk it's like we haven't skipped a beat so that's a good thing.

** Take several road trips. ~~~~ I have my road trip all's scheduled for next month. I'm not revealing the dates yet. Sorry. But we are hitting up DC, SC, FL, and KY. maybe a few other places in there too.

** Make everyday the best I can for my children. ~~~~ I'm definitely trying.

** Take on new projects and adventures. ~~~~ I've done a little bit of both but I can't wait to do more in the remaining months of this deployment.

Ok so there's my updates. Anyone else have updates they'd like to share????