Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello from New York!

The big move is over with...thank goodness! It certainly wasn't an easy one that's for sure. We hit many bumps along the way. As if doing a DITY move was hard enough {Do it yourself move in the military} we somehow managed to have too much stuff for one truck.

We got the largest truck available from Penske. We were living in a 3 bedroom duplex no bigger then maybe 1200sqft. We didn't have a garage or a storage shed. So can someone please tell me why on earth we couldn't fit our stuff in a 26ft truck?! Beats the crap out of me. But of course we didn't find out that we couldn't fit till the truck was loaded to the brim and we still had half of our furniture in the house. We left ourselves absolutely no wiggle room on time so we thought our only solution would be to get rid of furniture. After we parted with as much furniture as we could {including living room furniture and my dining room set}, we realized we had no choice but to rent a second truck at the last minute. My dad is a God send because he offered to drive one of the trucks up to NY with us. But the damage was already done. I had lost a ton of furniture. Bummer.

Since we've been in our new house we've had to have pest control come out because we were invaded with carpenter ants. We've had to call out 2 seperate plumbers for 2 seperate problems. And have had one heck of a time with border/wallpaper removal. All the joys of being homeowners! I know, I know! Despite all of the little bumps we've been settling and adjusting pretty well. So far only the 3 rooms have been painted but we are gearing up for a much deserved family vacation to Burlington, Vermont this weekend to celebrate our baby girl's first birthday. Hopefully we'll get the rest of the painting, etc finished after our trip. Kell leaves in a couple of weeks for Texas for 2 months so we're wanting to get as much done before he leaves as possible. Wish us luck!

A sneak peak of our house. I'll post more pictures at a later date. I don't want to overwhelm the blog with house pictures. Hopefully after our trip I can back to some baking posts. Have a safe and Happy 4th!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fireplace Color

This is the current color of the fireplace {one of 2} in the living room {one of 2}. Now don't get me wrong I love our new house but the previous owners {notice decor in the picture} taste is a little too country for my taste. The maroon-ish color has got to go...among other things.

My couch and chair are red and coffee table/end table will be white. A light grey color will be on the wall. So here's what I was thinking.

I'm new at this polyvore thing so I couldn't figure out how to add a rug of hardwood floors haha. oops. So anyway the fireplace and shelves would be all white. Or maybe paint the brick a lighter shade of grey then what will be on the wall? hmmmm decisions decisions.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Everywhere I look

I see boxes. Ft. Knox is so overbooked with people moving this month that we are having to pack and move ourselves. No big deal really....we are actually excited to finally have control over our stuff and the move. But man am I ready to be done packing.
I'm ready to be here......

{not our vehicle}

That's right I'm finally sharing a picture of our {not so} little Cape Cod because we closed on our first house! Less then 2 weeks and we'll finally be unpacking in our new home. Can't wait! My blog posts will probably be sporadic the next few weeks though.

Time for bed. Goodnight!