Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So What! Wednesday

It's So What! Wednesday from Life After I Dew.

So What! if....

~~ It's X amount of days till my big trip and I haven't done a single thing to prepare for it....not a thing!

~~ I have an insane amount of laundry to fold and put away.

~~ I'm slightly jealous that some of my friends have their husbands home on RnR already...even though I'm so glad we are waiting till later in the deployment.

~~ If I used the Casey Anthony trial to show my son what a bad mother truly is and told him to stop treating me like I am one. Hey it shut him up really quick.

~~ I get annoyed when people tell me "Oh you're such a strong person" blah blah blah...not strong just have to do what I have to do to get through another day.

~~ I'm ready to cut family out of my life and before anyone gets upset, I don't mean all my family, just some. My Army family is better anyway.

~~ I sometimes wish we didn't have a dog. It would make my life a bit easier but hey I love her so guess I'm stuck.

~~ I don't really care anymore.

Ok I realize my So What! seems like a lot of complaining but sometimes it's nice to just put some things out there.

Now what are you saying So What! to?