Thursday, June 26, 2008

Starting Young

This school year, Brogan's teacher taught her Pre-K class yoga. I was amazed to see Brogan teaching Caitlyn his yoga moves one day. I didn't realize they taught yoga in the public school system. Of course I was thrilled to see him doing something that mommy loves. Not only did they teach him yoga but they also taught him about the importance of our Earth. He knows we have to take care of it and keep it beautiful in order for us breath and live..*his words*... Isn't it amazing how children can understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and the Earth but yet so many people out there can't understand it. He's going to be my little greenie. :) I'm so proud.
My little man in action.


The Vergin's said...

That is so adorable!!!

Shalane said...

He is so cute! He's going to be one socially responsible citizen! :) What a great thing to teach children.

Amber said...

That is so cute! LOve that he is already thinking green!

Anonymous said...

oh the pictures!!

my logan has been talking about the environment and stuff like that too...i love it!

Dana said...

OMG. Is that not that cutest things EVER!?

Jenna said...

What a cutie!