Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lick the beater

My mom never baked anything when I was growing up. She never was that loving, nurturing mom who liked to bake things for her kids, or do fun crafts, etc. I think that's why I try to be fun, crafty, loving, etc with my kids. I want to be the mom to them that I always wanted my mom to be. I honestly think that's a big reason I love baking so much. I love licking the beaters and the bowl when the cake batter is all set in the pan. It's my favorite part. For the longest time I wanted it all to myself. Blame my mom for that since that was a wonderful joy that I never got to experience growing up. Slowly I'm trying to have more fun in the little moments and not to sweat the small stuff. I must say, watching my kids get so excited about licking the beaters and bowl is so much fun! Their faces light up and they make such adorable noises, yumm, ahh, smacking of the lips. It's an enjoyable experience all around. They love watching me make my cakes and I love that they love watching me. I hope when they are older, they can say that this simple little pleasure was one of their favorite memories.

I tried to take a picture of them licking the beaters but my camera died. :(

Staying on the subject of my cakes and my kids. I got a great offer yesterday to do cakes for a kids playplace. They have birthday packages with cake included and the owner loves my cakes and wants to get her cakes from me. This is such a big deal for me and a great opportunity. But I don't know if I want to take her up on her offer. We're not going to be here very long for one. Then there's me being a sahm. While it gives me plenty of time with the kids, cakes have always just been a hobby. It takes so much time and patience to do. While my kids do love to watch me, because I do it out of my home and not at a bakery, I still have to take time away from the kids to do cakes. Right now I do them for friends. It's just perfect for me at the moment. I've been doing about 2 cakes a month. Sometimes just one. Not a big deal since this is a hobby. If I took the opportunity that was given to me, I'd be doing even more cakes and taking even more time away from my home life. My housework slacks on weeks I do cakes, errands get put off, etc. I do love making cakes but I get so stressed out when doing them. Yes I'm a perfectionist with my cakes and worry way too much.
I used to be a career mom, working 40-60 hours a week. I never saw Brogan. I hated it. I don't want to go back to that. But I also know what a great experience this could be for me. I just wonder, is it worth it?

Totally random thought for the day: Does the dryer really eat socks? It never fails, every time I do laundry, there's one stray sock that never finds it's match. Where does it go?


The Vergin's said...

I used to LOVE when my mom let me lick the beaters / bowl! You are a great mom! Those are the things kids remember!

Amanda said...

I had minor freak-out when I started thinking about having more than two kids: what about the beaters? LOL. Growing up, Mom always gave my brother one and me the other. How does that work with more than two kids? (I find the strangest things to worry about, lol.)