Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Fridays

In honor of my favorite season I'm going to start doing "Fall Fridays". I'll be writing about anything that reminds me of fall. Crafts with the kids, fall decor, fall inspired food, including desserts and cake, and well whatever else comes to mind.

My first fall item is farm fresh Apple Butter. I had this yummy goodness on toasted wheat bread this morning!



I'm loving the color gray for fall! I have not one, but 2 new purses that are gray! I'm also currently wearing a new fingernail polish that I bought at Target the other day.
Sally Hanson Xtreme in Gunmetal
It's a cool gray that has a blue tint to it. I love it!


Gina said...

YUMMY YUMMY! I picked up some apple butter today at the commy! Now if only I could find pumpkin butter lol! Lovin' the nail polish too!