Monday, August 4, 2008

Star of the commissary

Watch out peeps, Diva on the scene......

"Please no pictures" haha

It was 9:30am, walking into the Commissary at Randolph AFB. We were stopped by many fans......mostly grandpas and grandmas.. :P

Oh boy we're in trouble for sure.


Amber said...

OMG LOL! You crack me up and how freaking cute is that little socialite!

quitecontrary1977 said...

looks like you have a future starlet on your hands!!

What's Going On In My Everday Life said...

So cute!!! She is adorable.

Quick question? As a fellow military wife, do you think the commissary is really cheaper than other grocery stores. I have been trying to comparison shop lately and think that Wal-Mart may be cheaper. What do you think? You know after you pay the surcharge and tip the bagger. Also I am here in Florida and we don't have to pay food tax. Just wondering what another military wife thought of the commissary.


Anonymous said...

omg, she is so cute!