Saturday, August 2, 2008

cupcakes to cornbread?

Well crappppppppp.....I wanted to make cupcakes for the librarians at the library Kell goes to everyday. They are nice old ladies who adore him. This week they just gave him some awesome books for Caitlyn. How thoughtful! I thank people with baked goods. So I decided to whip up a batch of vanilla cupcakes. I mix all my stuff together and make my batter. Put the batter into the pan. Then I realize that it looks thicker than normal. I'm confused. I taste the batter. Ok not what the batter should taste like. What did I do wrong? I go over the recipe again, ok I did exactly what I was supposed to do. Then it hit me. The flour bag didn't look quite right. Nope it didn't. Why? Because I used self rising flour instead of all purpose.

FYI self rising flour already has the salt, baking powder, etc added to it so you don't have to add the other ingrediants yourself..thus calling it self rising. not a big deal if you have to substitute it for all purpose flour during baking, just omit baking powder, salt, etc from the recipe. It is however a big deal if you don't realize you used self rising and you go ahead and add the baking powder and salt to the recipe. You are basically doubling the baking powder and salt.

The "cupcakes" didn't quite bake the way they should have. They grew to be huge and overflated, then fell flat after they were done. I thought I'd be brave and taste them. They taste exactly like Sweet Cornbread! Oh well atleast they are still edible. But no cupcakes for the librarians. Guess I'm off to make truffles instead.



Anonymous said...

haha, oh no! that sounds like something i would do!