Saturday, August 2, 2008

chocolate overload

Since the cupcakes didn't turn out quite like I hoped they would, I had to go an alternate route. Although FYI, the cornbread cupcakes..yes that's what I'm calling..hush....they really are tastey for a oopsie. Kell loved them actually. hmm maybe I'll screw up more often. :P So back to my alternate route. I made a batch of chocolate truffles. I didn't finish making them because I'm just too tired...I'll finish tomorrow. I flavored them with Bailey's and Banana schnapps. Dipped in powdered sugar, cocoa, and drizzled in white chocolate. I then put them in little baggies for Kell to take with him tomorrow. I had a hard time fitting them in there though. Either I needed bigger baggies, or smaller cups. Either way though, Kell had the car today so I had to use what I had on hand. I don't want these in the house though...not Weight Watcher I must find a way to get rid of all these...good thing I have a playgroup this week..I'll share the yummyiness with other mommies and will send some to work with Kell on monday too. Ok I'm nodding off. Night ladies!

yeah I had a hard time with this bow..


What's Going On In My Everday Life said...

mmm... those look good. which i was a crafty as you are!

Jennifer said...

Oh Jess, I wish I worked at the library! Those look yummy!!!!

Amber said...

So cute!! Looks great! I am on the hunt for some eco friendly bags like for you =)

Anonymous said...

excuse me while i drool! yummy!

Krissy said...