Saturday, January 2, 2010

dreaming of a craft room

One of my must haves for this year is a craft room. When we move this summer I plan on getting a house big enough for one. Finally! I would love to do the room similar to this one. Drool!
via WeHeartIt


Amber said...

that is adorable!! Love that craft room!

The Estes Family said...

I want one too!! I was just telling Marc that our next house will for sure have a room for ME!!
I love that room you have pictured.

MrsKBJ said...

I'd like one too! If you have an ikea around you can get a book case simular to that. We have 3 and they are great!

Jessica said...

Sadly we don't have an IKEA near us. We did at our last duty station but not this one. Maybe our next one in June will have one. I miss IKEA!