Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 day shred

Most of us made "get healthy and exercise more" one of our goals for the year. If you are looking for something to kick start a new you, then head over to Kara's blog and join in on an awesome challenge! I personally am so excited to be doing this with a great group of girls supporting each other. Heck I'm so excited I even talked my husband into doing it with me! So are you in??


BonnieW said...

I'm excited! I'm going to check this out now! I've lost 20lbs so far, and I want to lose 50 more by April so I can do the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville! I've always wanted to do it, but just recently realized I could :) I will probably be joining in on this challenge :)

Jessica said...

Awesome Bonnie!! I have a friend who will being that half marathon as well!