Thursday, June 4, 2009

no news really

In Sept, a "bff" of mine is getting married. Not only am I her Matron of Honor, but I'm making her cake as well! I must admit I'm super stoked about it. Kell and the kids will be going with me to Pittsburgh for the wedding. It will be a fun vacation.

Other than this upcoming cake, I have no other cake news to report. I've taken a short hiatis from the cake making. I got so busy with the move. Now that that's over with, I'm just uncomfy and too close to the end of my pregnancy to even be thinking about cakes. Afterall I'm busy baking my own little cupcake to think about other forms of cake. unless I'm eating it of course haha....

Speaking of my little cupcake...I now have 4 weeks left....30 days until the due date. which means crunch time. I have 3 nursing covers I need to make for myself. Yes technically I only need one but I fell in love with fabric..sue me. I better get on that because she'll be here before I know it.


Roxanne said...

Oh dear! A cake for me :) I'm so excited!