Sunday, September 28, 2008

chai love

I had the best chocolate yesterday. I'm attracted to packaging. I saw this packaging and was instantly drawn to it. After seeing that it was Organic and Fair Trade and made with real chai, I HAD to have it. Delish. Yes I realize that plenty of other people probably already know all about Theo chocolate but I'm raving about them anyway. hehe :)
They also had Hazelnut crunch (made with crushed hazelnuts), Coconut curry, and Bread (made with french bread and butter)..and some other yumminess. I must go back and buy more, the Chai would be perfect melted and added into truffles, or mix with cream and fruit dipped into it, etc. Think of all the possibilities. It's perfectly spicy to add the perfect amount of flavor to any dessert.

This reminds me that I need to go back to World Market because I need to buy this delish Chocolate Chai Tea that they have on sale this week. I had company this week so I've been slacking on things around here. I need to do some baking this week so I'll be reporting back with some more yumminess.


Roxanne said...

That package is WAY cuter than I imagined! Mmm, I'm def buying some of those my next time to WM!

runjen said...

So cute! I would have fallen prey to that too. I'm SUCH a sucker for cute packaging.