Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cake and soccer

Goodness things have been busy around here. I thought I'd finally post pictures of the cake from Saturday. My neighbor wanted the sesame street cake I had previously done so it will look familiar. I did try and change up the colors and the borders a bit. Plus it's smaller.

Now on to the soccer part. Yesterday was Brogan's first practice. He had so much fun and Caitlyn and I really enjoyed watching him. I did however forget to bring chairs. So Caitlyn and I sat on the ground the entire hour. Needless to say, I got bit by a lot of fire ants. Not cool.
Here's a few pictures from the practice.
It's in!!

I took videos of the practice for K to see since he had to study...stupid pa school. haha But for some reason I can't get videos to post on here. Will have to figure out at a later date.

Alright ladies, I'm off to finish readng my chapter for PWOC tomorrow.


Jill Rains said...

Hey Jessica! I just saw your comment on my blog. Thanks for the compliment! I'm going to bring you a scooby doo cake pan for you to have. I used it once. I'm sure you'll get much more use out of it! See you tomorrow!

Heather said...

Love that cake so cute.