Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The kids have a ton of books. They were overflowing on the living room bookshelf. So I went through and organized them, putting Brogan's books in his room and Caitlyn's in hers. they were together in the living room. Now I have more room on my bookshelf so it doesn't look so cluttered. During my organizing I found a great kids cookbook that Brogan got for Christmas from my mil. I totally forgot we had it. I decided we would have some fun and make one of the desserts from it. the kids had a blast! We made Jam Tarts.
The kids making the dough.
oo it's squishy
taking turns rolling out the dough
Cutting out circles
about to fill the tarts with Jam...Strawberry, Peach, and Apricot, we had fun mixing them.
After filling them with the jam, we put little cut outs of dough on top. Oh and we filled them too much so the jam overflowed haha oops.
The kids were proud! and the Jam Tarts were yummy!
Here's the book.
Ok I'll attempt to type up the recipe for these fun little treats.
Heat oven to 400F
For 12 tarts:
3/4 cup of flour
2 tablespoons of softened margarine (I used butter)
2 tablespoons of shortening
2 tablespoons of very cold water
pinch of salt
1/2 cup of jam or preserves (any flavor you want, we used strawberry, peach and apricot)
greased mini-muffin pans
round cookie cutters
tiny cookie cutters
Making the pastry:
1. Rub the flour, salt, margarine, and shortening so that it looks like crumbs.
2. Add the water. use a blunt knife to mix it in. Squeeze it into a ball of dough.
3. Sprinkle flour onto your work surface. Roll the dough to 1/8in thick.
4. Press out 12 shapes from the dough with the round cutter
5. Push the shapes into the greased pan. Put two teaspoons of jam into each one.
6. Press out some shapes with the tiny cutters. Put one on each tart.
7. Bake the tarts for about 15 minutes.
Wait until the tarts are cold to eat them.
While I'm on the topic of food I have to share what I made for dinner tonight. I didn't take a picture of it, sorry. Check it out. I used whole wheat pasta and it was still yummy. Tasted yummy for being a low fat version. This is a must try, I promise!
On another note, Kell just called from the library. His dad is coming to visit in a few weeks!! Yay! We've been together for 6 1/2 years and not once has he ever come to visit us! I'm so excited! Only thing is, he's coming during Kell's break from school and that's the same week Kell's mom is coming. They are both staying like 4 days, so his mom comes the day his break starts. Then as soon as she leave, his dad will be here. Yikes! :)


Amber said...

Oh those look so good! You kids are seriously adorable!

SuzyN said...

Those look like so much fun!! I want to eat them. Maybe we will do that when krissy and her kids come. Mmm tasteee.

Jennifer said...

That looks like a fun project! You are an awesome mom! I used to love doing projects like that with my mom!

Jenna said...

Those looks so tasty! Brogan and Caitlyn are absolutely adorable! Caitlyn has the cutest little smile! :)