Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's amazing what a little paint can do.

Here's what our dining room looked like when we first moved in. Oh and don't worry those vertical blinds are gone.

We removed the wallpaper (yes that yellow is wallpaper) and painted the top half of the wall. At first we didn't think the tan wainscoting was that bad. Ok maybe it was but we were kind of lazy about painting it. So this is what we looked at for the past couple of months. (Don't mind the mess)

Well I got bored the other night and finally painted the wainscoting white. So glad I did! It makes the room so bright. I need to take a better picture. Maybe one day my kids will keep their stuff off my table long enough for me to take a decent picture.

Do you notice the set of ugly oak cabinets that are in the mirror? Those particular cabinets are over our sink/breakfast bar. They are coming down. And soon the rest of the cabinets will be painted white. Although this is a project I will have to tackle after my husband deploys. I'm so ready to get it done.

Speaking of paint doing amazing things, back in November while my husband was away for some training, I got bored and painted some cubbies. These cubbies are in the wall that goes downstairs to the basement. Does that make sense? Here's how the previous owners left the cubbies.

After a little paint.

I have a feeling paint and I will be best friends.


Anonymous said...

The white does look good!
I better start saving to decorate now for when we do actually buy our own place!

vintagewithatwist said...

looks great! It really brightened up the room!