Sunday, May 2, 2010


This is going to seem silly. But one of my favorite things about cooking is separating egg yolks from the whites. To me it's just simple fun!

I shake my head every time I see one of these.

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Don't worry I won't hate you if you prefer to separate your egg whites with that handy little tool. But for me that tool takes the fun out of things. IMO there are too many gadgets and tools out there that take the fun out of cooking and baking.

One line of products that really irk me is Pampered Chef. Now please no throwing stones at me for saying that. I do love some of their products but recently I went to a Pampered Chef party and the biggest attractions was the stoneware line that you can cook and bake in the microwave. We even sampled a chicken/pasta dish and a cake cooked in the {gasp!} microwave! The microwave! Really?! Everyone was oohhing and ahhing over it. I'm sorry but baking a cake in the microwave should be a sin! What happened to good ole' fashioned cooking and baking.

I did decide to finally try out the Pampered Chef food chopper that most people rave about. Biggest waste of $30 in my opinion. You can only fit a tiny amount of food into the chopper and still I ended up having the beat the damn thing 30 times to get it to slightly chop the food.

So people, this girl will be sticking with some of the good ole' fashion ways of preparing food.


Melanie said...

eww really? cake in the microwave? 97% of my microwave's use is for popcorn lol and even then I'm thinking about getting a good air popper to make fresh popcorn that we can season ourselves! aside from that we use it to heat up leftovers or those steamers frozen veggies, I really do not care for microwaves and don't even cook in them let alone bake? geez!

Amanda said...

You know, I've always loved separating the yolk from the whites too. It is fun - like a slippery little game! I hear ya!