Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Popsicles and Idol

I'm sitting here eating a yummy chocolate Popsicle and watching David Archuleta screw up a great song. How on earth he made it to the final 2 is beyond me. Honest to blog, how the crap can anyone in their right mind like him? Maybe it's just me but he sucks. Too many teeny boppers out there that like him I guess. Oh well.

Brogan's currently throwing an awful fit over something stupid. He went in my bedroom and took my beloved DS and decided to sneak it to his room and play it. So I told him no Popsicle for dessert. Oh goodness the screaming that started after that. Seriously, kids...tsk tsk.

Ok seriously when did American Idol get so stupid. The little Love Guru skit is just pointless. Yikes. Oh it just keeps getting worse by the second. Make it stop!

Alright I'm going to get my kiddos ready for bed. mommy break over.